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St. Sharbel Catholic Church, Maronite Rite

Fr. Ronald Eid Administrator

(330) 509-0098

Be sure that the Lord will

reward you a hundred fold

for all your good deeds 

St. Sharbel Church is an Eastern Rite Catholic Church which professes the same Apostolic Faith, celebrates the same Mysteries (Sacraments) and is united with the chief Shepherd of the Church, the Pope, as all Roman Catholics throughout the world. Under the loving patronage of St. Sharbel, St. Sharbel Church accepts its mission:  

Mission Statement

Catholic Church, Maronite Rite 

Fr. Ronald Eid 
Phone Number
(330) 509-0098

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St. Sharbel Catholic Church, Maronite Rite

Address: 851 Thorn Ave. El Paso, Texas 79912

Eucharist (Mass) Schedule: Every Sunday 

9:30 AM English

11:30 AM English/Arabic